Well, That's Weird

I could almost copy and paste emptyheart's story here. The problem makes me very sad, particularly because I very much love my husband. I checked out, what I have common with emptyheart and here's what I find out: a) we are both females 40+; b) we are both redhaired; c) we have both german and swedish ancestors; d) we have more libido than our husbands... Maybe there's something more, I don't know, but it is like a pattern already... Coinsidence? Maybe. I know in middle ages people had strong prejudices about redhairs.
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I find German and Swedish girls are the hottest and most attractive combination by far!

It's an Irish thing. We must have needed something to while away the hours in the winters.

Strange anyway...

Hey... I fall into this category too - except I'm not married, just in a long term relationship!

I will have to do some research into the redhead / libido connection. Maybe there is something we don't know...Can you imagine the news...<br />
"Researchers find red headed women to have a bigger sexual appetite" All the men would be running rampant looking for us!

I married a woman 25 years younger then I, and I dont think I have a single hormone left. I went to the doctor and ask him to check my levels he said forget it, I cant give you any help, it might kill you.

I think that rather my hormone-level should be checked. I have a serious dilemma - I have stronger libido than average 40+ women, but I don't wanna be also true to my husband.

I'm another redhead! Hey! Have we discovered some new scientific fact here - "redheads need more fun"??!! (he!he!)

I find that interesting. I am a redhead, although time has changed it to white, have always had a high sex drive and it was always higher and stronger than my spouses. Since I was adopted, can't truly trace my heritage, but it was part Irish and very possibly a scandanavian component. That depends on whom I believe was my real father. : )<br />
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