The Normal And The Wishful

Most of you are born normal and live life without ever having to wish for normalcy.
But for me and many like me this is just a dream that will never happen,I'm stuck some where between being normal and real I will never be real but in my mind.
I am drifting some where in real time,without being able to connect with reality.
My wish is ever present,but my reality is just a vapor.
I want to touch what I can't touch,and feel what I can't feel.
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4 Responses May 8, 2012

Although our circumstances are entirely different I know how it feels not to connect and I do hope things get better for you. What you wrote was really touching.

Why do you want to be normal? Do you think becoming a girl/woman would make you normal and therefore happy? Even after having a complete sex change you would still be DIFFERENT... Do you want to blend in with just being another one of the girls; or do you want to stand out from other women as UNIQUE? And believe me different/unique is never normal... Truth be told NORMAL IS F-u-c-king boring!!!!

It lingers inside doesn't it.. but you know the problem is you feel it inside. You show normality on the outside..but you dont feel it..that's what I feel .. I feel so alone.. so abnormal.

have no words to say, but it really touch heart . . . . .

Shelle, can't we share more