Look Out!

Like in the movies... you always know when something scary or tragic is going to happen, by the musical score! I would like my life to be musically scored, so I would always know when the perverts were approaching! Or the really scummy guys! I can hear, "dun, dun, dun!" and run the other direction! Or the theme from Jaws! :-o

And when the cool and sensitive guy, who has a secret crush on me, is around... I would know that too! And then I can make my move and not let him get away! Whoo-hoo! XD

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

That's an awesome idea. I love it! Don't forget all those cartoon theme songs, like Tom and Jerry, SpeedRacer, ThunderCats.....lol

what a great idea mine would have benny hill music in the back ground or something from the keystone cops...something fast and uptempo would be nice. with some dreamy ambient stuff as im off to bed. de na de na de du de du...lol thats the jaws theme by the way...incase you didnt recognise it. and drum roll piano stamp...triangle...and cymbal crash...see ya