Big House, New Cars, Who Needs Them?!

I live in the Detroit, MI area, and my husband has to have the latest and greatest of everything.  I don't know who he is trying to impress, because we have no friends, and we do absolutely nothing.  But, we have a great big house, new cars, 5 computers, 4 televisions, 4 xbox 360's, and more cable channels than anyone knows what to do with.  We could actually open a video rental store with the movies he has collected.  If he never had to leave the couch his life would be bliss.  Me, not quite the same.  Give me backyard barbecue's, ice cold beer sitting on a porch swing, watching the kids have the time of their lives playing in the mud, and a car that "gets you there".  When we married, he said he only had those things because he knew that there would come a time when he would have to give it up for a family.  I guess I was misled.  I could try to create that life, but honestly I don't want to share with him.  I had that with my first husband, and I miss him sometimes.  That's another story though.  I have to stay because I don't want my little one to go through the same emotional BS that my oldest daughter did when I divorced her dad.  Maybe I will get there someday, I guess I will just have to be patient.

bunky103 bunky103
41-45, F
Feb 10, 2010