I have a 15month old, and my MIL is not interested at all in him, i emailed her the other day to say she had no relatiosnip with him and she needs to start visitng more... she rung my partner and read him the email i had sent him.. then replied and said basically it was our fault as we didnt go to her place this time and that time.. it annoys me so much as we have put so much effort in at one point going every week to her house and shes been to ours 3 times in the past year.. we dont live far away so there is no excuse.. it makes me so sad my child is so gorgeous constantly doing new things and she basically doesnt give a crap at all... is anyone else in a similiar situation? i ended up tellnig her i no longer want anything to do with her.. its hard because it is my partners mother but i dont feel i can keep putting in all this effort into her and getting nothing in return..
exhausted1 exhausted1
Feb 18, 2009