Need My Mommy

Sometimes, out of the blue, my friend will say "I want my mommy. I miss her." Her "mommy" is sitting in an office at the school where she is a principle 10 miles away from our school. My mommy is somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia, several states away from where I am. If she wanted to come visit me, it would take her several hours on a plane, a day in the car. And, so far, she hasn't visited me. Hell, she didn't even try to contact me until I emailed her for the first time last October.
See, my parents split up before I was born. My mom was dating a guy that was emotionally and probably physically abusive to her, and my dad didn't want me raised like that. So, he got custody of me and I never saw my mother again. To this day, I don't understand why it had to be so final. My mom could have come to visit me every once in a while. Even if she and my dad had problems, SHE IS MY MOTHER! I think I have a right to see her.
But no, I don't get that right. So, now that I'm on my 15th year, I 'm still waiting to get on a plane and go to Georgia to see my mommy for the first time. And to those of you raised by single parents not knowing the other, you understand. And to those of you with both parents, don't even try to. Because it's an emptiness that can't even be described.
When I first had my heart broken by a guy, I had no one to go to. When I got my first period, I had no one to go to. My friends at school gave me the sex talk in second grade, not my parents. The list could go on and on.

I miss my mommy.
AliceinWonderland121 AliceinWonderland121
18-21, F
Jul 27, 2010