Go Out And Live!

My mother and I have issues. I love her because she is my mother and she does have redeeming qualities, but for the most part she annoys me and embarrasses me and she is very self-absorbed. It's not easy for me to spend time with her, and lately that's all she wants to do! She calls or texts me daily, suggesting we go out together. Sometimes I accept her offers, but it always ends in us arguing or me spending money I don't really have on her. She can be quite the manipulator.

Anyway, yes, I wish she had a life. Friends. Maybe a boyfriend. Hobbies. Something to occupy her time with people who love her company. She isn't a horrible person, though she has done horrible things in the past. She and I just aren't compatible. I wish it could be different but it can't- I'm introverted and bookish like my father, and she is loud and social. We just clash at every turn.
SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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1 Response Nov 29, 2011

There are ways in which we bookish, introverts can over come the social loud butterflies and they brash ways. I have to learn to deal with all times of folks over my 22 yr career and to rise to the glory of Chief Petty Officer. Never Never Easy. In the End I was able to achieve where others failed. If we do meet up and I hope we do Mother is in for a surprise. In a Good way. I send you the links so you can see it is not that hard. I look forward to your reply your a great lady.