I Would Pay My Mother-inlaw To Move Out

My mother-inlaw moved in about 5 years ago ,it was only for a few weeks. Five years later I am suprised that I am not a drunk.She is 79 years old and thinks this means that she should be able to sit on her *** 24-7 and have me wait on her, I work 10 to 12 hours a day and then come home to clean up her mess,she wont dust or vacum or even do dishes. she waist the food that we work hard to buy. her ss check goes in the bank,she never offers pay for anything. I have to make her take a shower and change.I cant even talk on the phone she listens,and tells the whole neighborhood what I say. there is a lot more to say but I am at work and cant stay on here to long. I just to ask of the women here,dose your huby stand be hind you or dose he all ways take his mother side.
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3 Responses Jun 2, 2010

I completely understand where you are coming from as I'm in a similar situation - moved in with my husband 4 years ago (been together 5 years) and his mom lives with us along with all of her crap. I have had to fight to get her furniture out of our living room and dining room so we can have our own stuff. She won't offer to clean, even her own items, can't save 2 dimes, and anytime something breaks or she needs to go to the doctor, guess who has to foot the bill - my husband and I!! I'm so fed up I can't seem to think straight and function.

My husband plays both sides - he allows her to continue to live with us despite my strong irritation with her, he allows her to mooch off of us, but yet when I'm upset then he says he feels the same way as I do and tries to tell me it's ok and it will get better.

My FIL died 2 years ago and MIL moved in with oldest daughter for 14 months, didn't work so lucky us got her!!! Stupidest thing I ever did was want her happy, cause it has wedged Hubby and I and made me 100% miserable. But thats what these women want to drive off the wives and replace their husbands that they drove to their graves with their sons. Dont let them win, stop doing stuff for them, stop caring what they want. My goal is to turn the tables and drive her out, and if Hubby wants his mommy then I can find another husband they are out there.

I moved into a home with my new hubby of about one year. It's his home monetarily speaking, but he bought it from her when his father died. She is allways around and just a big of pig as yours is, and 79 years old too. My hubby thinks I should deal with it and not pay so much attention to her and her crude ways. I know he loves me, but just dont think he takes this problem seriously. I gave up alot to move in with him, and wish he could see my point of view... my life stinks with her around. Good luck to you.