It Was Only Suppose To Be A Couple Of Months

Once she had been here for a couple of weeks, I suggested dinner to figure out what her plans for the future were, as my husband and I were talking about moving, and we weren't planning on her joining us. Then she informs us that Section 8 has a waiting list of several years, and she didn't seem that excited to get a job so she could move out either. Section 8 was one way of getting her out of the house. I agreed to a couple of months, not thinking its going to be forever.
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Just wondering how you made out..I've been married 18 years to a very wonderful man.Six months prior to her arrival we had just finished turning our 2 apt house into a whole house (after living in the apt for prev 17 years)and finally had some room for the children (we have 4) and ourselves(she knew this) We let my mother in law move in with us tempoarily when she moved back home from out of state....She has had a good paying job since she arrived but has no desire to move out. It makes me feel bad to want my space back. My brother in law just offered her a very nice apartment right next door and she turned him down flat!!! How do we ask her to move out without any hard feelings? My husband doesn't care if she stays or moves so when I bring up the subject it leads to arguments....(we never argued before) She minds her business and I love her dearly but I just want some space... My asking him to talk to her causes a strain between us cause he doesnt want to make her feel bad(neither do I ) but Its killing me inside having to pretend its all good....

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