Selfish Mother In Law

My husband and I are best friends and bought a house together 1 year ago. His mother is 51, works full time and makes more money than my husband and I combined! But she insisted that she does not have enough money to have her own place so we decided to let her pay a small amount of rent and have a room in our new home until she could get on her feet in less than a year! It has been a year and she still lives with us and when we have talks about the future it is evident that she never plans on leaving! When we talk of having children, she says she will be there to help and when we talk of moving to another state she says we are leaving her with no place to go and she will have to move into a retirement home! SHE IS ONLY 51!!!! I dont know what to do! My husband and I dont even feel comfortable in our own home and do all we can to avoid her which only makes it better for her!!! HELP!
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1 Response Apr 4, 2011

at least the two of you are on the same page, he is also uncomfortable and understands your feelings. my suggestions, make her as uncomfortable as she makes you. u 2 do not have kids so you are fairly young, make out in front of her, in the kitchen lol!!! be extremely noise during love making, trust me no mother wants to hear her son, walk around in very skimpy nighties simply to turn him on. lol