Somebody Help Me Get Her Out!

This may take a while...

My mother -in-law moved in about 3 years ago. I was okay with this. It was supposed to be temporary because my husband and I just had a baby about 6 months prior and we both had new jobs and couldn't afford full time day care. It started off great! She would take care of our daughter during the day and we would come home and take over.

About a year after her moving in, she quit her job. She was only 60, so couldn't get social security. She took out all of her retirement money (about $30,000). Don't ask how she was planning on living off of this her whole life! She basically ended up owing a ton of money to credit cards as well as the IRS for back taxes, etc. because she blew the entire $30,000 on a bunch of crap. She had a mortgage on a place that she was forced to sell, only after she couldn't pay it due to no money. She has so many creditors calling her (and then calling MY cell phone) to get payment.

That's when I noticed that ALL she ever did was sit, watch MY TV, take MY spot on the couch, NEVER leave the house, not even to go on a walk or just to breath air. She sits in the house day after day doing nothing but reading and watching TV. Besides this, she drinks her $2 wine starting at 12 noon until she is wasted falling down and passing out on my couch.

Needless to say, my husband and I decided to have another baby. I decided that I didn't want to work through my pregnancy and stayed home for the duration as well as for 9 months after she was born. But by this time, she had sold off everything she owned and didn't have $1 to her name. We were now stuck supporting her as well as our oldest daughter and our new baby. We are not rich and supporting her drinking habit and grocery bills is not cheap! She took over the upstairs bedroom (that we need to make into an office for my husband because he had to give the room he was using to the baby). She took the only upstairs bathroom over. NOBODY can use the room or the bathroom. She took out all of my things that I had in them and put her own things in there. She filled up MY space (the 1 car garage that I was using as my personal space and gym). It is now full of junk and I can't walk in there.

Her idea of watching the kids while we are at work is to turn on the TV and yell at them when they aren't watching it. My oldest is constantly berated for everything. I'm afraid she's going to turn out like those bratty kids with attitude issues because of the way she is treated. The other day I came home, at normal time around 5pm to my mother-in-law drunk and falling over while we weren't even there and she was alone in the house watching the kids! I am so close to kicking her out it is unreal!!! I do NOT want my kids living in this type of environment. I would rather struggle and stay at home with them myself but I cannot stand staying home if she is there!! I do not know what to do at this point. My husband is aware of this, but he says he can't kick his mom out and we can't afford to pay for an apartment. It's not like the kids are even at the house full time with my mother-in-law. My 3 year old goes to pre-school 3 days a week and my 1 1/2 year old does attend a daycare program 2 days a week. She can't handle watching kids and acts like it is the worst thing in the world. She constantly sighs and is depressed. She is making me depressed. What do I do???
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kick her *** out ...she can get on housing whatever the case let her know she has to leave soon!

:( im sooo sorry.u need to tell ur husband that ur children r important n u cant keep supporting someone forever.<br />
when i was in that situation i n my daughter moved out.without my husband.