Mother-in-law Will Just Not Leave.

I moved my husband's mom because she was having financial troubles and so were we. I thought if i charged her low rent it would help us both. My daughter was 6 months at the time. She is now about to be 6 years old! Her youngest also is with us. He will soon be 17. My daughter does not have her own room and really needs it. I have told her and she does not care. We have never gotten along and she is nasty. She hardly bathes her and her son eat in their bedrooms, leave chunks of food and garbage on their floors and do not ever clean. We recently cleaned their rooms. It took several hours and trash bags and they did not even thank us. My husband wants her gone too. All she says when we tell her she needs to go is that she can't afford it. I don't even know if i could kick her out without taking her to court which would start a family feud. No one else will take her in either. At my wits end.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

Not even sure what to say, I do feel for you and I hope this is resolved soon. I am in a similar boat right now. My fiance's mom moved in a year ago and it has cause a ton of problems for me. We will soon be married and I have voiced an opinion that I won't go into this marriage with her mother still here. We need to start our life together, not with someone else. I am constantly irritated about the situation and always feel sick to my stomach when I see her around. I will be checking back on this to see if you get any good advice. All I can figure is it needs to end for you immediately. Start packing her stuff and lock the doors. Maybe getting some legal advice is a good idea, because it could be a problem for sure. <br />
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Best of Luck :(