I Want My Space Without The Inlaws

About a year ago my mother in law moved from California to arizona (phx) where her daughter lives. My husband and I wanted to move to Phoenix also(we lived in az already) and she proposed that we would move in with her so she don't have to work two jobs like she did in ca. We agreed and I clearly said that it would only be for a month or two. And when ever I would bring up that would should move out she would tell my husband that we couldn't do that to her. This was a two bedroom home one room for her and the other for my husband, daughter and I. Oviously not enough room. We spent a whole year there the lease length. When the lease was up we decided to go to a different neighborhood. My mother in law wasn't thrilled about moving away from her precious daughter. We Oviously needed a bigger house and she wanted to continue with us. A month later my brother in law moved from Oregon to ax due to a divorce well guess where he's living now? Yep with us. And it was all tolerable, although the BIL doesn't pay anything the MIL pays 1/4 of the rent and bills. Although she gets $1400 a month in unemployment from California. She hasn't looked for a job but it finally ends after a yr and a half. It will end in sept. Now im pregnant and asked my husband that I would like us to have the house to ourselves before the baby comes. He agreed. But he has to tell them before sept before her unemployment ends although I'm not due till January. Sorry I just need to vent I guess.
JudithVDonaldson JudithVDonaldson
Jun 8, 2012