Live-in Mil And Sil Have Already Over Stayed Their Welcome, And It's Only Been Three Weeks...

My husband and I have been married for three years and we are both 26. Even though he has a good government job, we struggle to pay off our debts, the largest of course is our mortgage. My husband's mother has been milking her unemplyment for two years and is 'shocked' to find out that there isn't any more aid coming her way. Her 20 year old daughter works very part time at an electronics chain. Unable to support themselves my husband and I were pretty much forced into 'offering' them our place to stay. She has never bothered to look for work and thinks that she has worked her whole life so someone else should take care of her so she can be retired. Shes only 53. Them living here is proving to be financially and emotionally draining. My MIL is not well enough to work right now because her alcoholism has damaged her liver into failure. She likes to tell me about he projects that she wants done to my house and doesnt have any concept of money. She wants to be involved in everything and doesnt respect that her son and i have gotten into our own routine. It is like having a child in the house. Theres more... My husbands sister is not mature enough to realize that she needs to start taking care of herself. They brought their three dogs who pee all over and tear things up, and stress our two dogs out. One even bit our boy dog so hard he cried in pain! They dont watch them or pick up after them until i ask them forcefully and then complain to my husband about why im so mean. I know hes stuck between his family and me, but its becoming more difficult for me to stay... My mom and grandma live on the east coast and even though we arent that close i would rather live there than my own home. Im so bummed. Am i a jerk? Just because my MIL is sick?
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It is your house, you are not in the wrong. I am in the same situation, it is stressful. I can't tell whether I am coming or going.

No you are not a jerk. Sit down & have a serous talk with your husband. does he realize you are contemplating running away from home? that is your house not theirs. Ask him to remind his relatives that they are guests in your house. The two of you need to make decisions about your house together(with out the in-laws). I have found it is better if i deal with my crazy family & my husband deals with his. we sit down discuss what is bothering us & present a united front. i deal with my family he deals with his.