Need Fiancées Mother Out Of My House!!!

My fiancée and I have been together nearly 6 years now. I met his mom first at work and we got along great up until this last year. Her and her husband have separated sooo many times. And of course the day my fiancee and i were moving into a new home she got kicked out by hubbie and comes to us. So sure she had no where else to go we let her move in. . . With no job, no cash, and a large dog (already have 2 myself) so we had to pay to move her into our house, buy her cigarettes, feed her dog and my bills skyrocket plus have to give her gas money to find a job oh and her dog didnt like mine so I have to make sure they were seperate. And the one big rule was no smoking in my house but she CONSTANTLY smoked in her room and lied about it even when we found at least 100 butts in a coffee can by the bed. In the end after 6 months she had been seeing her husband again (treats her like crap) and moves back with him at that point I was 3 months pregnant and excited just to see her go. But 1 month before I gave birth she comes crying back same situation said no at first but fiancée gave in and let her move back in it's been 3 months had a job but no call no showed one night so now no job oh and brought a 2nd dog with her this time sits on my couch all day coughs all day without covering mouth or washing hands with a newborn in house ( whom I don't let her near for that reason) but still the germs! I'm staying home with daughter can't afford daycare or sitter and no way in hell she gets to freeload while I work and miss out on time with my daughter. And she's eating ALL the food I have to hide some in my room just so I'll have something to eat since $300 in groceries can't last a week anymore used to get us pretty much through entire month at this point I Hate her and need her out ASAP! Really needed to vent I've had no one to talk to hardly besides bf and don't want to constantly vent to friends when I get to see them.
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I'm about to take baby and leave if she doesn't soon. Needing alone time with fiancée and feeling so aggravated all the time is not doing any good for relationship. Oh and this time she doesnt have a car either. .