Ok so my story goes like this me an my husband have been married for almost 10 years we have been for the most part happy until his family is around. They always and I mean always like at least 2-3 times a week ask to borrow money an never repay. Recently we have finally taken the big step and bought a house and with in 1-2 weeks his mother moved in as a result my kids had to share 1 room which pissed me off. She has taken over my garage and on top of that if I dont speak to her then she dont speak to me at all so I have stop talking to her all together how ever I have had to bite my tongue because there have been times when I wanted to shout out get the BLANK out of my house. ok lets got back the day before we were to close on our house she quit her job which made me mad because I had a gut feeling she did it with the intent of becoming a throne in my side an so far I was right she now has a new job but have made no efforts to move out or pay bills she keeps my light and tv's on constantly an what ****** me off is she is never in the room with the light on. Im so irritated that I cant even form my thoughts to write down what going on but I can say I need any advice because I am to the point where I want to file for a divorce my husband know how I feel but does not take me seriously I guess but I have already started the process of trying to find a new spouse im at wits end and really need advice because I am one foot out the door and do plan on fighting for half the house if we divorce because I refuse to let her have my house I rather see it go to a new buyer or at the very least bank owned please help me seriously I need advice when im not as upset I will break down the facts more but right now to miserable.
samm1534 samm1534
26-30, F
Dec 20, 2013