Pitiful Mother In Law

ok so, mil is the sweetest thing since sliced bread.  mil was divorced by fil 2 years ago after 31 years of marriage.  she has not let this go yet. she was diagnosed with cancer and had it removed and the rest will be radiated.  heres th thing,  she has a home, a car and ajob so y did she ask me if she culd stay with us for 6-8 months?  by the way shes in the process of losing her home that she jus happen to mention while in the hospital. y would u wait until the last hour to say anything  about this? '


when divorce was finalized per mil (which is a big liar) VICTOR (fil) was supposed to pay a measley 1k per month 4 two years & pay half of the mortgage. he did the complete opposite of the court order.  now all of a sudden she wants to suw him! WTF for!? not even two months after the divorce was final he remarries!!!!!!! yes he married the mistress! had two children during the relationship and one of the babies died. mil jus found out about this a few months back. fast forward to now.  she has since been released from the hospital and dr. advised that she could go back to work in a few days.  she moves in with us, mind u she is not s good housekeeper like i am. my home is clean and prestine and hubby has known this since the day he met me that i was a clean freak.

mil plays these "im dizzy" games and i need help gtting around and bathing. but she can walk around wally world (walmart) fresh out of the hospital with a basket trying to shop. when its time to eat shes the first one at the table, when its time to clean she gets "dizzy".   hubby is the only child so this doesnt make it any better. she sleeps on my white couch and slobbers all over it as well as eating junk food! she steps out of drawers and leaves them in the floor with no disregard (gross), all day long she hocks flem in kleenex and leaves 15-20 wads of gross snotty tissue on the floor, she has kicked my tweenie daughtr out of her room and is now sharing a room with her 8 yr old sister who is always aggravating her. she lays around the house and does nothing. this is week two and she still hasnt combed her damn hair.  hubby does nothing but baby her.


took mil to the dr tuesday and had staples removed. doc asked had she gone bak to work and she said no and doc say, "well u can go bak an resume ur normal tasks, your fine. if u would have seen the look on her face....priceless! SHE LOOKED AS IF damn u bastard why did u say i can go bak to work around her? i laid out all options to her in regards to saving her house but she wants nothig to do with it.  i dont want her here for 6-8 months becuas it will turn in to 1 yr, 2 yr and maybe permanent.  she's playing this im so ill game like a pro when i know good and hell well you can get around with your eyes close. am i wrong for wanting her to leave?

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31-35, F
Nov 13, 2009