My Parents Are Way Too Protective

I am 13 years old. My best friend is having a party this Sunday with a sleepover. 
My parents don't let me spend the night. they think something is going to happen
to me. they say because they  dont know their parents, or how anything works
out with them. i wish they could understand me for once. i just hate my life.
i want to die..!!! that sleepover means ALOT to me. you guys dont know how
but just think about it. for me it means everything, in the world. i am still trying
to convience them. if they do not let me go. i am going to run away, ,and kill
myself. i am tired of my STUPID FUCKEN *** PARENTS. they need to stop.

munchkinme024 munchkinme024
Jul 19, 2010