My Mom Is Way To Over Pretective

i love my mom but sometimes she gets me so mad and i  wish i was never born. i am 13 years old and she doesn't let me go to my friends house even if she knows there parents. she doesn't let me walk to school and walk back  AND MY SCHOOL IS  ONE BLOCK FROM MY BUILDING. my mom is so crazy she doesn't even trust me to go to the store  or stay home by my self. you want to now the worst part............................ i have 3 stepsisters and two step brothers and 2 older nefiuse.  they invited me to go to  six flags and then to splish splash     she didn't let me goo she says i will get hurt or die like wtf Do you think like wow even with my family she doesn't trust. my dad is so mad at my mom because she is not giving me any freedom. if she dosen't want me to go anywere with out her WHY am i even born i wish she can stop being overpretective and just trust me and know that  i and responsiable AND I AM NOT NO 5 YEAR OLD .  WHEN I AM 20 SHE WILL STILL DO THIS TO ME  OMG .   
angelkeyda angelkeyda
Aug 4, 2010