My Life Was a Prison

Maybe my title is a little over dramatic but it sure felt like a prison. I wasn't allowed to spend the night with a friend ever when i was a kid. My first sleep over was when I was out of the house at 18. I actually got married at 18 to get out of the house. I wasn't allowed to drive. I didn't get my drivers license until I was 19. I wasn't allowed to do many field trips at school because I might get hurt. I wasn't allowed to play sports because I might get hurt. I wasn't allowed to get involved in church activities. My brothers girl friend brought me home from school once because I missed the bus and when I got home my mom threw a plate of food at me, I ducked and it hit the curtin. Guess who got stuck washing the curtin. I feel sometimes that the way I was raised. To not get involved and to stay at home is what has turned me against people alot of times and turned me into a hermit. Now I have made my own life a prison by fearing things and wanting to stay away from people. I am really tired of my cage.,

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Oh I'm so sorry about what you are going through! I've had similar experiences so I know what you're talking about. I'm 27 now, I live with my fiance and his parents now but my parents still treat me the same. I've always been shy but now I'm often anxious and feel like being a hermit. <br />
I hope you'll be able to enjoy life finally, like I hope for myself too.

I can so powerfully identify with your story. I had a terribly overprotective childhood too, and it helped ruin my life. How do we get over this? Please feel free to message me.

good grief

I had to be home at 11pm on PROM NIGHT!!!!

lol, u lived a shelter life

at least your parents had a reson that was caring instead of issolating you because they didn't want to take you places or provide the means for you to have things like sleepovers at least yours didn't just plain refuse to teach you how to drive for their own selfish resons <br />
<br />
none the less i hear you