It's A Nightmare!

Hi, I'm 17 years old and I have an overprotective entire family! I mean seriously if it were for my famil we'd all live in one big house, eat every meal together and go everywhere together. Yeah, as a little kid you kinda find that cool but it get's to the point you're tired of seeing just your family everyday all day long. My parents are going through a divorce my dad is the more liberal one, my mom on the other hand thinks that she'd be the happiest if she could have me tied to herself all day. It really becomes annoying, first of all because even though I love her we are complete opposites. Did you know I wasn't allowed outside of the house by myself until last year, and I'm in college for crying out loud! Also I'm not allowed to talk on the phone and if she doesn't like one of my friends I can't talk about them or with them near her. Another thing I live in a really small town in Mexico right now, I'm a Texan though! So I'm living here in the middle of nowhere with my mom ever since the divorce got started and I've had a rough time 'cause people here don't really like me and stare weirdly at me as if I were some sort of freakish monster just 'cause I'mlike 2 ft taller than everybody else. I really don't merge well with my surroundings. Besides that I can only go out with my mom and younger siblings most of the time and I look really odd and it's annoying because often people think I'm older than I really am. Also my mom and grandma love to supervise my wardrobe and shoes and hair and make-up Which is really not okay! I meani have goth/punk like styles and they don't let me choose what I want to wear, also if I were skinny jeans my mom gets mad at me and says that those are only for really skinny girls on whose body that doesn't look like a (hooker) or girls who want themselves some and I can't wear them. another thing is that she sometime doesn't like the music I listen to and says all the screaming and loud noises are making me insane. She thinks I've changed but the truth is I've grown up and I wanna be able to be like the girls in the movies, not even, like my friends who after our classes are done go to watch a movie or eat something together but I can't make plans on the go If I wanna go out somewhere I gotta let my mom know at least 2 weeks in advance and she's gotta like the people I'm going with. Also, like I told you I'm in college, I started school early (thank you grandma) and my mom practically chose my school and career for me. most people ussually leave for college, I wasn't allowed and since I'm still not of legal age I can't leave on a plane without my mom's consent. Since the careers I wanted to study aren't available here I wanted to go with my dad back to the states, but he's having a bad time so me going right now wouldn't be good timing. She blamed it on the monetary problem so I wanted to get a job, she didn't let me! The only times I've worked it's 'cause a company she works with needed a translation or subtittling for clips or movies. I've heard my grandpa and grandma talk about how my mom and aunts and uncles used to be and she didn't have parents like that actually she was allowed to do many things I'm not way before my age. She says it's 'cause these aren't the same times and she doesn't want anyone to hurt me or kill me or anything, What?! I'm to begin with like 6 something feet tall and know Karate besides I'm not stupid and it's not like I wanna go out everyday and stay out till 3 am no! I wanna live a normal life that's it! Is it too much to ask?
Now I think I'd be a bit more understanding if this was the same for all of us here, ur no my brother and sister do as they please and she never says anything or does anything, in fact my sister just came home from hanging out with her friends at little ceasar's. What hurts more is that I'm the only one who's helped her ever since I can remember on everything, she got an operation andI spent the night at the hospital with her by myself, I carried her until she could stand by herself I didn't sleep for a month taking care of her and she's still not allowed to lift heavy things so I do all that around the house, also I've taken care of my brother and sister at school people know me as their legal guardian not my mom. Also my brother and sister either get in trouble or bad grades or sometimes both I graduated top of my class with honors.
Is it fair?
Mari13ssa Mari13ssa
18-21, F
Sep 8, 2012