They Say Its Out of Love

But really, I think my parent's do it to annoy me half the time...But there are some situations where I think I'm on the same level as them. These past few months, I've been getting in trouble and it keeps gettting worse and worse, so they keep me from going out and getting into more trouble. My friends and I always go out on Fridays but I'm grounded now...And it was actually, to me, a pretty stupid reason. I love my parents but there always has to be an adult around whenever I go out since they always think of that Just In Case situtation where I get kidnappped and I'm so helpless that an adult has to go and protect me. Though, its mostly my dad is the one that enforces all these rules and restrictions while my mom just says, "Go ask your dad." My parents/dad have been getting better, actually. They seem to really trust me and think that I can survive one moment without having a person over 21 with me...

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

My parents were like that too, they are still protective, esp. my dad, they didn't let me go out without an adult 'till I was 17. To me that is late. Oh well.

If you have a child of your own, you'll understand. I have that kidnapping fear with my daughters. If they're so much as 10 minutes late, I'm pretty sure someone's taken them. <BR><BR>As for the other stuff, you have to earn their trust back and you'll slowly gain a little more freedom.