Love Em Before You Lose Em.

For those that hate how protective their parents are:

Be glad that your parents are protective at all. Parents that are overprotective are parents that LOVE their children.

Many parents wouldn't spare a dollar to protect their kids.

Many parents just don't love their kids at all.

As much as it may suck as a kid, someday you'll appreciate them.

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you can appreciate overprotection but it may be a biased outlook too.<br />
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i dunno, lifes complex.

my parents are over over over protective and you can not imagine that all people in their eyes have bad intention specially that your contacts not their contacts , they are very skeptical and I hate that very much. I introduced my sweetheart to my father. he recorded the meeting :( :(. I feeel ashame to tell my sweetheart what my father did and he rejected him because he said he wants steel my money :S :S oh my Gad. person I knew him since 3 years ago how come !!!!<br />
<br />
I hate what he did and feel ashame for that

yea, I agree with you. Very wise. Well, I guess I might know better when I have kids of my own.

To Aarbie: very wise statement. It can be hard to reach a level ground with parenting im sure. I can't be too sure though; I'm only the green age of 17! All I know is that my mother loves me, but the limits aren't there. It can be destructive both ways i think.

As the parent of a 12 and 15 year old I think I qualify to comment. It may amaze you to hear that whilst I love my children and protect them, I don't fully agree with your comment. As a parent the easy option is not to change anything, to give the impression of protection by sitting on our backsides and saying no to everything. The loving protecting parent allows the child some leeway to make mistakes, so they learn. In my view, if you think you have overprotective parents you should ask for a meeting to discuss it. Addressing the subject maturely is more likely to get you a favourable outcome. If your parents answer is, "because I said so", then they are taking the easy option. Remember, it is ok to ask questions, but only if you are prepared for the answers. Throwing a tantrum will keep you in that protection web because you are immature.