i love my mother to death and back but she can really **** me off sometimes... i had a relationship, long distance, different time zones, etc... and my mom starts freaking out... i met her 2 years ago jsyk and it was great... until i brought her home... my mom went postal; "who are you? where are you from? how did you get here? why are you here? isnt your mother worried sick? you came from where?" on and on the questions went... it got so bad that the girl, whom came from Florida (1000+ miles) broke down and cried... and if she wasnt there i wouldve gone ballistic on my mother, at least thats what i say... Though i must admit, though not to my mother, she was right.... however by her doing so much my mother didnt push me away from the girl but closer to her... i saw her cry, i comforted her, i held her, talked with her, but never kissed her... 2 years later "Florida" has been through 3 relationships, i have had none.... and we still love each other... id love to go and see that girl again...

AKtwitch AKtwitch
18-21, M
Mar 15, 2010