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I compliment my wife everyday at least a few times.  Not generalizations, but I'll try to find something that I truely dig to compliment her on, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, personaity, etc.  I don't get the same in return.  Yesterday we went to the pool, and I was stoked to take off my shirt, because I'm really proud of the new body I've built.  Not a word.  Not a woo-hoo, nothin.  I'm pretty confident, cocky even, and I hear compliments all the time.  Just not from the woman I love most.  Go figure.

IcarusFalling IcarusFalling
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4 Responses May 26, 2009

I'd compliment you! Congratulations on your smokin' hot bod.!

Naw---she's just insecure and she's afraid that if she allows me to think I'm "all that" I may leave her for "someone better".

I make it a point to compliment my boyfriend at least one time a day. I like making him smile and feel good about himself. I think it's very sweet you compliment your wife everyday. I would love that. Maybe your wife knows that you know she loves you and maybe she thinks she doesnt need to compliment you as much as you compliment her because of the love she feels for u? I don't know... :-/ But once again that's totally sweet you compliment her often :)

Some people can open up and say how they feel. Its easy to give compliments. Your wife loves the inner you you have made changes and tightened the skin but she she the same person no matter how much you change.<br />
<br />
I think that is important. You show compliments in other ways . Look how she is doing it.