13 Inch To Big

I talked with my wife about having sex with an other man, She likes the idea of ******* someone else, But she says she not shore if she can do it, I told her i would be by her side, I want to see and hear her while she *****, She asked what i wanted her to do, Everything i said, I want you to enjoy it first the more you like it the more i will enjoy seeing you, Lyn ask do i have to let him in my ***, Is that what you want, No i will only let him **** my *****, Great i have someone for you he's big i tell her, Oh how big, 13inch black guy, Oh no
thats to big i cant it will hurt and make my ***** to big, I would love to see how much your ***** can take,

Ok i will find you someone smaller 9inch and you will take it, We start looking online i see she getting excited looking at all the personal ads lots of guys with big *****, How about i find 2 guys to **** you, Lyn lets just find 1 for now and see how it goes, Cool i said you will be sucking my **** while he **** you doggy style, Ok, Were is he going to ***, You can take any were you like, What if he *** in me
let him you like when i *** inside you,

Lyn yes it feels good your *** feels so hot when you shoot inside me,
All this talk about ******* someone else i need your **** in my mouth, I gave her some poppers and she swallowed every drop of *** from my ****, What a great way to spend the weekend, UFC & wife taking **** all night long....

will post what happened next week
usemyflip usemyflip
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I wish I could **** her

Nice posting. Filipina women are very sexual and sensual. good luck with your search.

walay au.....