Telling Her You Like Wearing Panties

Telling a woman you enjoy wearing panties can be a very nervous thing, many men hide it for years and some even hide it forever. However when you can wear panties in front of her you will be a much more relaxed person and the enjoyment from wearing will be so much more. My wife knows I wear panties and she enjoys seeing me in panties. I did not have to hide it from her when we met because we were so open with each other it just came out in a conversation, see my wife has a liking for panties also, she enjoys how they feel on her and she totally understands how they feel against a mans body when I am wearing so it was pretty easy for us to start exploring wearing panties together. We do know many others who have not had it as easy telling there wife or girlfriend they wear panties but many of them also after time and patience are now enjoying wearing panties with there wife or girlfriend. My wife and I over the years have met so many others who wear panties and also have met lots of other couples who enjoy wearing panties together, my wife has talked with many woman over the years and many are curious about seeing a man wearing panties, they would like there man to be more playful and do things like that. Some woman are open minded and some are closed minded so depending on the woman it can be more difficult to get her to understand or be into you wearing panties. Some quick advice from me and my wife is to take your time and have patience in telling her, drop hints, be playful about it. Most woman are more likely to be ok with anything new sexual when she is turned on so slowly drop hints during foreplay or intercourse, tell her how good she looks in panties and how good they feel against you, tell her that woman are lucky they get so many choices in panties to turn us men on and we have pretty much nothing, they get an entire department filled with panties and we get a shelf. Sometimes you have to be creative in telling her and be prepared to answer questions to help her better understand why you enjoy wearing panties, she has to become comfortable with the fact that you enjoy wearing panties so she will probably have some questions, just be calm and answer them. Check out our profile for more about us.
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1 Response May 18, 2012

I wish my wife was that accepting. For some reason she thinks other people will notice I have panties on. Not sure why she is so afraid of my desire to wear them. Does your wife mind that you wear them rather then men's? I would wear them all the time if it wouldn't bother her. We have been married 40 years and that is my only complaint about our relationship.