Santa Brought Us Panties For Christmas!

A while back, I posted about trying to clue my wife, G in on my interests of wearing women's clothing. I have previously opened up to her, and let her know there is an interest there, but I am certain she doesn't understand to what extent I enjoy it. I have playfully swapped panties with her while lying in bed. I have worn panties under my clothing when doing activities outside of the house, with her knowledge. We have also openly discussed the fact that I prefer women's underwear. However, I'm still not sure she gets it. This past Christmas, I got a little helping hand from Santa.

We were out of town for Christmas, so during the week between Christmas and New Year's, Santa left a Pink Victoria's Secret bag for my wife to find. She found them and said, "Oh, you bought me panties!"


When I explained that I hadn't bought them, but that they must have been in the bottom of Santa's bag, and he made a special trip to drop them off, she opened them up and looked at them. There were six pairs of panties. Two each of three different styles of matching colors and patterns. She said "Those are pretty." and she put them back in the bag. I asked her why Santa would bring her duplicate styles of panties, but she just said "so I will have extras."


I then said that "I think you need to look at them a bit more closely." She started commenting on the colors and styles. "Well, these are pink and lacy... and these are those thin kind I like and have a pretty pattern..." It took my help to show her the tags and ask if she noticed anything. Looking, she finally noticed that some were "M," and some were "L."


"Oh, you got us matching panties! That's so sweet!" she said. I explained that "No, Santa got us matching panties." And she said, "Well, that was sweet of him."


"Sweet..." That's not exactly the reaction that I had expected. I was expecting "cute," or "silly," or "funny." But, I'll take "sweet." "Sweet," is good.


It really isn’t that important to me to have matching lingerie with my wife. I just like wearing feminine clothing, and I thought that getting matching items would get her more involved in my interest, and that it would be a fun way to let her into my secret without just showing up in a bra and panties one day. She did ask me if I wanted to get a bra. I said that we would have to work hard to find one in my size, but that I might like that. She also asked me if I needed a nightie. I said that she had offered that several times, and she had offered to buy me panties before, but that she hadn’t done so, so I took the initiative to ask Santa for some, instead.


The following weekend, we went away for a New Year's getaway. Unbeknownst to me, she brought along the pink, lacy pair of panties with her on our trip. On New Year’s Eve, as we were getting dressed to go out for dinner, she handed me my panties, and she put hers on. I enjoyed wearing them and how soft and cute they were. They held my manhood snugly. I enjoyed G knowing what I was wearing underneath my clothes during dinner, during our after-dinner walk, and hanging out with friends. She also made a few comments throughout the night to remind me that she was thinking about it. “Shall I call you ‘pinky’?” Our midnight seemed more passionate than usual. We cuddled that night and brushed our panties together in bed. I wanted to make love to her so badly, but the situation just wasn’t right. 


She didn’t let me shower the next day, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to change my panties. However, now that we are back home and in our normal routines, she has put the rest of the panties (mine and hers) away in her lingerie drawer, and has said nothing about them since. I was hoping that she would give them to me to put away in my own underwear drawer, or that I would open my drawer to find my panties put away for me. Neither has happened. She seems to have forgotten about them, or she is keeping them from me. I was sort of hoping that she would catch on to my scheme and play along; that we would start wearing panties together and that she would let me wear panties on a regular basis, without hiding my practice from her (usually I change before she comes home). Instead, it seems like it was a little weekend “fling” to her and that we can put it away in a drawer and forget about it.


I’m trying to figure out where to go from here. I could go get them out of her drawer and set them out with her clothes for the morning, and wear mine the same day, but she might find that intrusive if I went through her drawers. I could just wait and see if she decides to share a “Panty Day” with me on her own, but history shows that she won’t take that initiative. Another option is bringing it up with her in discussion, but I’m not exactly sure how to start that conversation. She did sort of open the door for me in purchasing other lingerie for myself, but I never know if she will get too weirded out if I get undressed and she finds me wearing a bra or nightie one evening, or if she would be totally cool with it and play along with me. I sometimes wish that I had “pre-screened” my wife and let her know about my interests before we started dating. Maybe that’s a story for next time...
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women are strange creatures arent they