Bukakke Story

An excerpt from my book The Face Burns Red:

Emily let out a barely audible groan, which was quickly followed by a sharp intake of breath as I tried to run my fingers through knotted strands of hair, forcing her head to jerk upwards before returning to its slumped position. My head whirred with lascivious thoughts. I felt my ears burn and my face fire up as desirous urges were untethered. And my trousers unzipped. My heart was beating faster and there was a slight tremble to my hand as I tugged at a clump of hair with enclosed fist. Emily continued to let out muted groans as I coiled strands of her hair round the shaft of my penis and slowly started ************. With my legs tensed and my back rigid, I closed my eyes, lost in the climbing ecstasy of the moment. Then, with gasping mouth, my whole body, fully tuned into the delicious depravity of it all, shook convulsively as I shot thick globules of come into her hair.

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TheSlickster TheSlickster
31-35, M
Nov 25, 2012