I Wish My Life Mattered

As I got older and wasn't as my parents planned nothing matter I got yelled at all the time for stupid things like sleeping in to late or if I ask my mom whats up, Ive gotten yelled at for bringing my BMX bike into the house.
Ive been in MMA Mixed Martial Arts for 7 months and train all the time I push myself to the limits everyday, but who cares?
Not my family I tried talking about how much I loved it to my mom and she got pissed at me.
Not my friends they don't care if it doesnt consern them.
Or how bout my work Ive held my 1st job for over a year now but I get yelled at for tslking about my job.
And Im sick of it, everyone expects so much out of me but gives me no credit for it.
I got all A's and B's this year except ONE D and that made me a pathetic kid who wont ammount to anything.
I came out about my depression and anger issues to my school councilor and I got yelled at...
So why care when no one else does?...
Colten234 Colten234
1 Response Aug 6, 2010

Sometimes it seems as if no one cares about anything you do. Everyone is wrapped up in their own selves. I feel that way at times too. So much right now...like you we are randomely posting on this site. Go after the things you want to do. Don't worry about who doesn't listen because someday you'll have someone who wants to listen to every word you say! Hi yah!!