Go Away

He was abusive before I got pregnant, punched me in the jaw and almost knocked me out when I was 3 to 4 months pregnant.  quit working after I had the baby who is 16 months old now, and was a financial-emotional-physical drain on me for years.  He has never taken care of his son, and would not even keep up the house.  If you feed a stray, it wont leave.  He started laying out all night on me about a year ago.  I did not ask questions as it was better for us if he stayed gone.

I did not used to be this kind of person, but after a while, you get worn down.  After a while, you have let them get away with so much, what is some more.   You become embarrased that you let them stay to do it again.   Threatening to call the police just sounds like another threat from you.  You avoid trouble as much as possible.  You hide in your room to avoid arguments. 

I used to enjoy all kinds of sex.  I know that part of my growing up was because of the baby. I quit wanting sex of any kind, even with myself.   He put me down so much for my experiences and accused me of cheating all the time which I never have.  He had threatened to get me fired from my job, and had gone as far as calling a boss and accusing him of cheating.  He threatened to get him in trouble with his wife if we cheated.  This is crazy.

He finally went out of town to visit relatives for a couple of weeks.  Came back home and all we did was argue.  Went back to those relatives houses under false pretenses and stayed over a month.  Came back with a girl that he now lives with here.  Lies about every other sentence. 

I only meet him in public places to let him see the baby.  At first, all he wanted to do was ask me back out, ask me details about my current life or lack thereof, threaten to kill whomever I went out with.  I finally got a backbone again since I dont have to live with him.  I told him that if he threatened or said he was angry or anything else I did not feel comfortable with, that I would take the baby and leave. 

He bums money off others, and I think he has stolen money off his grandmother that has dimentia.  He was spoiled growing up and has never had any responsibility. 

He has run out of money again, gone back to the out of town relatives place to get more money... The local ones must have quit giving it to him.

When he had been gone for a month and came back with the girl and got his own place, I ran a criminal background check on him and it is gastly. 

The only reason he calls us to talk to his "son" is to keep me on the backburner... He is selfish, lazy, and not someone I want to raise my son. 

How do I get this guy to just leave us alone....

36-40, F
3 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Thanks a bunch, lots more in the lines, but dont have to put up with it since he is not living with us anymore. I have told my lawyer I will drop everything including child support and the peeper trespass charges if he will agree to me having full custody and he cant take the little man off without me. If this happens, I can keep the little man safe and lots of stress will go away...

Custody end of this month... Wish me luck...

So sad to hear Roxy. Hope for the best for you and your son........