Just When You Thought He Would Go

He called tonight and apologized for his behavior last week.  He says he is sorry it turned out the way it did, blah blah blah blah....

Whats really going on is the people he is mooching off of have run out of money.  Now he will have to move back to this area and try to mooch off of his other relatives and thinks he can mooch off of me... Ive got news, I am about to go to social services and request child support.  This will either force him to get a job or go to jail... I don't have to have the money, Ive taken care of us from day one, but its wrong for him to get off Scott free and make demands of me. 

Every time he calls, I remember the abuse and get sick at my stomach.  He keeps saying that he loves the baby and on and on and on... If he really loved the baby, he would have taken care of him and we would not have spent our last summer in a car with him drinking in a parking lot, me trying to hide it and getting yelled at for hours.  I should have left him and driven off, but that would not have gotten rid of him... It had to be his decision to leave, or he would have continued the threats.  He said that a restraining order would not keep him from killing us and I kind of believed that he might... You never know, it happens all the time.  His eyes are not right... His soul is not normal.

36-40, F
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Yeah, he is going through a good spell and being nice to the baby. He gave us $40 for the first time ever which is more then when he lived with us. I take the baby to public places to meet him. He calls every night now and I just dont pick up. I take the baby to see him about twice a week until he goes through one of his moods again, then I will stay clear again for a while...