No Worries, She's Still Taking Care Of Me

Dashing out of the train station today, bought a bus pass and made it to the car dealership on Delaware Avenue in time -- went to pay for the repairs, where's the credit card? ... Paid with backup card, drove home, gearshift jammed again going into the parking garage.  Back to train station, anybody turn in a --? (silly boy, no ....) Called bank, put a hold on the card; nursed the Ion back to the dealership, walked back from Bancroft Parkway in the cold, stopped at Orillas to depressurize.  Doctora Isabella's Rx: arroz con leche de Orillas y el Aqua d'Oro.


Don't be concerned -- there was a certain star watching me all the way back to the apartment.  

Hi there, love you always.

windlion windlion
56-60, M
Feb 15, 2011