When I Wish Upon a Star

I can see and feel my dreams when I wish upon stars.  I actually do it quite often.  I know it is superstitious, but it gives me hope..and a sense of comfort to know that the sky is the limit..and one day I will reach for the stars and my dreams will come true.

UnperfectAngel UnperfectAngel
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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Thank you both for your comments. Silent you are right..I believe to that only wishing for your dreams does not get you to them. You have to take a proactive reach towards them. Sitting and daydreaming or only wishing on stars does not get you your dreams..but reaching high and never stopping just may work..anything can happen if you want it bad enough..blessings!

well its so nice to dream every nite but difficult to fight for a dream in day .. and some time dreams become true too but only dreams cannot be a certificate of a happy or successful life .. we have eyes and head and heart and it is better for success and and effective too that one should see dreams with open eyes and i read some where that real dreams did not allow some one to sleep.. and hope.. some one was saying that hope has no cure.. but it does not mean that we should not dream or have not hope ..but dream only become true when you place strongly your feet on ground .. then you can run for flying.. so best of luck..<br />
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You are not the only one, believe me. I always do. Unfortunately the first star I see is usually Venus and that's a planet :)