Named After Things

I have so far in my life met children with the following god-awful first names:

- Tree
- Winkle
- Power
- Credit
- Mauler
- Fencey
- Bunny
- Bingle
- Brainda
- Poola (I am totally not kidding, and they called the poor kid 'Poo' for short)
- Farkie
and last, and my personal favourite:
-------- Hyppony ---------

I know these kids can change their names, and it is a parents right to bestow what they deem appropriate upon their children, but for goodness sake.... these kids will be made fun of!!!

There is actually a radio announcer in my area called "Anita Bath".... say that out loud... seriously? Her parents didn't hear that when naming her? Frustrating! And I feel so bad for these kiddies!
Bigbadollie Bigbadollie
26-30, F
Jan 13, 2013