Neglecting The Needs Of The Disabled

I live in a small town in the UK and we had a community event, the opening of a new youth club which I was asked to be involved in and I turned up in my electric wheelchair and there was no access to the new building so I complained and was told that because there was only 2 of us that access didn't matter and I was a joke for complaining!
Anandadas Anandadas
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2 Responses Sep 5, 2011

I know they are being prejudice and that is why I am trying to move. There are no accessible buses for wheelchairs even though I have a free bus pass that I can't use and I like days out say to London etc.

Im surprised that a youth club or any communitybuilding is allowed to open in the UK that doesn't have access for the disabled. Its something that should be thought about on all new buildings, the fact that there were only two of you there is not important.