Feeling Alone

At this present time I am thinking of life, my life. I feel alone and have no one to talk to. I have no friends, and wished I had a different life. I dont know what I want out of my life, I am confused and don't want to be here no more. So much has happened... I want to be loved and cared for. My sister has gone to university last year and when she comes home she doesn't spend time with me anymore which up sets me because I miss her a lot. I also have a boyfriend that comes home from university once a month. Apart from that I have a Saturday job which I would be lost without and go to College. I cant help feeling so alone. I cant talk to people and normally say the wrong thing. I have bad feelings about some people, people scare me. My mum is never at home and goes on holidays all the time and me and my dad dont get along at all. I am not really involved with my family as they seen to acknowledge my sister and I seem invisible. I seem to mess up everything my GCSEs my College work and friendships. I dont want to be alone or feel alone. 
HannahSDavis HannahSDavis
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 30, 2012

YOu are not alone instead you are talking with me

You are alone!while you are thinking as alone