I am tired of people misunderstanding me because society has trained you all to think a certain way. If i tell you about my abusive past don't tell me omg are you ok i am so sorry. I don't care to hear it. I am happy with who i am and what i went through. I don't need you to insult me with pity and apologies. Don't assume you know what emotions i am feeling, ask me and try to understand.

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I guess i am just good like that. Most people have more fight in them though.

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Yeah i don't believe he ever came back after what i said did he?

Sometimes you just gotta have some back-up! haha you helped me with the urine fetish guy who was in denial of his actual urine fetish having ways...

That it is!

true story roar! :D

Always can count on the shrimper.

Age has nothing to do with someone's opinion on how they take certain reactions.<br />
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It is clear that Arorin here is expressing his stance on this topic as well as his theory on human development and socialization.<br />
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Instead of jumping on him and telling him how confused he is and how much you know better because of your own age and life experience, you might want to think about what is being said before reacting. He views things differently than other people so it is going to take a second longer to truly understand what he means when he says he doesn't feel accepted for who he is if someone acts all empathetic for what he has gone through as if they wish it had never happened to him (therefore under this theory changing his identity). <br />
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Also, age has nothing to do with wisdom and very little to do with life experience knowledge. I've seen wiser 5 year olds when compared to a 30 year old who's life experiences were very different. Its not age but what comes that molds one's knowledge and wisdom about life, so judging arorin here as anything but someone with a different opinion is a sign that you might have more to learn about life yourself and shouldn't impose such assumptions onto another without the proper wisdom, or even right needed to do such. <br />
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These are just my thoughts on the matter...

Then don't prove that you are strong i don't care. I am not confused though because i can see more sides of things. There is more then one way to look at things, and my eyes are open to most every view you can think of. I am not confused you are blind.

You are a very confused young man if you think someone saying they're sorry means they don't accept who you are. Most people have had some pretty awful experiences in their life, including myself, and grow stronger because of it. I'm a 45 year old woman who has also gone through alot of terrible things in my life and i have accepted it and consider myself pretty strong too. I choose not to give alot of details of my life to a bunch of strangers on the internet. When you do that you're opening up doors for people to give their opinions that you might not like. I don't feel I have to prove that I am strong to everyone

You need to understand what i feel has nothing to do with age. Instead of judging me like you have try to learn and understand like i said. It has nothing to do with my age i am just different. I do not feel many emotions. It was how i was raised, and how my brain developed. You say it is nice to have someone to talk to, but i think it is painful to hear the same crap over and over. I don't think it is nice to have everyone tell me they are sorry. Sure if they want to talk fine, but saying sorry is an insult. <br />
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I like how i turned out as a person and when someone says they are sorry they are saying they don't like who i am. Why is that? because my past made me into who i am. If i had a different life i would be different. Tell me you are sorry and you are telling me you want me to be different. I accepted my past made peace with it an am a stronger person from all of the abuse i have seen. I have seen more then most people ever will, and no i am not a robot, but i am also a very strong person. Stronger then you can realize if you never been as strong as me.

You are young. Your views will change as you get older. I don't look for sympathy either, but it is good to have someone to talk to when you need them. You will have to realize that it is human nature to feel bad for certain people who don't have it as good as others. We are not robots

I am already over it i have been for a very long time. I am not looking for empathy, and i do not wish the have that weakness brought down on me.

So, I guess people should just act uncaring and emotionless when they hear about something terrible happening to another humanbeing. Would you rather someone say "get over it, things could be worse"? I just don't get people anymore. The world would be a better place if people had more empathy

That is the thing i don't have to go with the flow. I am just fine with fighting the world if it means i am living my life my way. I am just tired of everyone telling me they are sorry because i experienced a abuse growing up.

oh these days people judge you and look for reasons to target you because socitey does not like the way you live your life,if you do something a certain way or you dress different,or you dont act the way the people around you in your area do it gives more people the power to single you out,so if you have have personal issues its up to you how you cope but people are affraid of things they dont know.Everybody has such high standards these days and you just have to go with the flow and try and keep a open mind.