Even In Education

It can happen even in school. A classmate of mine was evidently not getting the math of the course we are both in, and answered questions by guessing. Her hunch was that one of the multiple answers on a solve for x, y, z type problem had a 4 in the answer, but guessed at the wrong one because "she wasn't sure if the 4 was negative or not"...Let alone that the two answer choices used 4 and -4 in two *completely different variables*. She's one of these people that slipped through the cracks of education and now makes erroneous answers with lazy thinking. If our tests didn't provide multiple choices (in math?!) Then she'd be forced to learn how to solve. Now she guesses her way to a passing grade. And that, my friends, is a tragedy in ignorance for education, and stupidity on her part. (She should know better) I'm not railing against women, there are women in my class who are getting it, the one I mentioned just happens to be female.
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2 Responses May 8, 2008

No, up until this point, she was doing problems faster than the other students. She started getting lazy when learning a new techniue. Instead of seeking help, she started guessing.

did you ever think she just sucks at math ??