The War and My Husband


So, I’m going to talk about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the war and how some people think that its wrong and can’t be validated well that’s true it cant be validated no violence can but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen I have heard people talking **** about soldiers and how they want to be over there they don’t want to be over there I know this because my husband is a soldier and I can guarantee you he didn’t want to go he didn’t want to leave me and our son he wants to be home everyone needs to start realizing what it means to be a soldier it means giving up your life to defend your country to stand up for what you believe in all of these men and women in the military give up their lives so that everyone in this country weather they are from here or not can have the freedom to do everything they do on a day to day basis.. they gave you freedom of speech and your using it to talk **** about them and honestly it doesn’t matter if you belive in this war or not its all the wars before that gave you everything you have today all your rights came from wars and honestly instead of criticizing the job they do you should appreciate it because you know you couldn’t do it they are the ones keeping your kids safe at night not you… everyone needs to stop generalizing and really think about what these men and women give up so that you can sleep safe at night when they don’t…. I love my husband and I will continue to support him, his job in the military and everything he stands for…
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3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Thank bout of you for your support. And thank you Jake1010 for serving in the Army.

I have been in the Army for 5 years and have been to Iraq and Afganistan, When I first enlisted I was an ignorant 18 year old who wanted to go to War. I quickly realized I was wrong. Both times overseas have been a horrible experience. I don't sleep much at night and I attribute that to Iraq. I agree with you. There have been many times that I have had to put people in their place when arguing about the war. I am soft spoken so I dont enjoy it , but I feel it is necessary. I remember coming home for my mid-tour leave and we were in the Atlanta airport. Most people were clappping and cheering for us , but one man spit right on me. He was taken by security , but all I could think about was the embarrassment I felt. I kept walking and didn't say a thing. I figure everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think that they should just be considerate when doing so. I will pray for your husband as well as all the other soldiers fighting overseas. I will also pray for you and your son to stay strong while he is absent. Take care and goodbye for now.

Maybe the next terrorist attack will change some attitudes. I'm behind you 100%