Me Through Yours

Beautiful... It is a word i have heard from time to time in life. And i can't see it.
Yes my daughter is.. and i know that she looks just like me. But that word just doesn't apply to me.

My stubborn refusal to accept it makes some people crazy. But its more than just a candy coating to me. The outside is all paint and fluff. Hell enough makeup can cover a multitude of plain.

Beauty is inside and all encompasing. It radiates from deep with in. It is good and pure and honest and kind. I left good and pure so long ago i don't remember ever being those things. And as of late Honest is just a suspicious thought. All of the things that make beauty for me are missing. And yes that out side shell. If mine were 100 pounds lighter, but then again she would lose all of her womanly curves. So 50 pounds less. And yes the outside would not be half bad.

But it is still something i would struggle with. Does every woman on the plant suffer such painful self doubt? Why do we beat ourselves up so bad?
Why can we not see ourselves through the eyes of others? And why can we not cut ourselves some slack?

But what about those women who are obviously plain, and seem to have all of the self confidence in the world?

I have not seen HONEY BOO BOO. But i have seen enough of the comentary and pictures to know that her mom is PLAIN. And yet she seems to be not only comforatble in herself but of the opinion that she is down right georgeous. So if she can see herself that way, why can't i, and millions of other women on this planet?

So someone please find the rose colored glasses, or pour the kool aid. And let the rest of us see what you see. But more importantly, let us FEEL it. Because it is a sadness that eats the soul. And i am tired of feeling chomped on.
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Your inner beauty radiates from you wherever you go. And your external beauty is ther also. You turn heads everytime you go somewhere. People look,not because youre plain its because your pretty you command it and dont even know it. What is so wrong with most women with this problem is CONFIDENCE. They dont get the support and love to build it. To know they are beautiful swxy and cherished. If they would get just half of what they DESERVE they would feel much better. As for you I wil give you what you deserve and need because I cherish you andknow that you are beautiful and sexy inside and out. Love you my pet.

crazy blind man.
I love you