I Bratted Tonight And....

I wish I had not! Lol so my hubby and I are brand new to the CDD lifestyle we have been doing this for 4 days now and he has been maintenance spanking me in the mornings before he leaves for work and they really hurt and it has been softing my heart and making me want to Be submissive ... Anyways tonight I was thinking in my head what would a real punishment spanking feel like... So I was sorta bratting around kind oF playful pushing his buttons a little and he got up and I was laying on the bed On my tummy and he just pulls down my pants and gives me 5 really Super Super Hard spankings with his hand and I went flying off that bed and crashed into the floor screaming he pulled me back up and I heard him take off his belt!! I gulped because I had never even been spanked with a belt before he gave me 3 hits with that and then pulled up my panties and said This is what a punishment spanking will be like but a lot more!!!!!!!!! I said Omg NO ThAnks!!! I will behave myself!!!!!
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Look, if it works for you - great. I am not going to begrudge someone their thoughts. Here's the thing I keep coming back to, however. Violence is never the answer. I would never spank a child for their misbehavior, why would I do the same with an adult? No, I really do need to stop reading these. You are right, if I don't agree, then I need to just move on...

Now to find the man worthy of such a woman there is the challenge.

He must love you very much to realize what you were up to and give you just a small taste to help you realize the consequences. Hugs

I recently asked my husband to take over as HoH and to let me surrender myself totally into his care and protection. I am a college educated hard working wife and mother. I am very independent and headstrong. Being a submissive wife does not mean I have lost my personality or independence. It means I love my husband and family enough to not make my marriage a power struggle. He is also an intelligent person with a compassionate heart, gentle spirit and his own submission to God. I do not enjoy spankings and he cried the first time he spanked me this is not some " fun sex fetish", it is a real form of communication. I feel heard, loved, and respected. My husband now makes me a priority to find out why my attitude is crappy or I felt compelled to do something reckless. It is not arbitrary.We have written and understood rules for both of us. He then makes it both our priorities to set the behavior straight and move forward with forgiveness. DD is not about spanking! DD is about love, trust and respect! If it is not your thing stop reading, stop trolling, and move on!

well.. I used to get spanked by a belt as a child. so its just natural for me.. we are doing it because we think it will bring balance to our relationship.. i think its going to work because i respond well to this sort of behaviour.

the first spanking I got I was a brat... I didn't mean to be because it did sting but after I looked at him like "is that all you got" mind you I came from a very abusive background and have the scars on my backside to show it...which I forgot about till he saw them and started to cry... I spent years hardening my heart to pain so as not to cry... so we didn't think TIH was gonna work... but then he broke down my physical defenses by bringing an emotional release and the next spanking was more effective though we used a paddle half way through it... now we are back to just his hand...but I try to watch my mouth cause it gets me into trouble.

Love you goldielocks!! :) and for all the haters... its not sexual at all. Not saying we dont have those moments as well. It is 100% respect for my husband... and I am the one that wanted to start the DD lifestyle because I knew it would work for us. So it cant be abuse if i am the one in agreance with the punishment. He NEVER forces me to do anything. I love my husband! And he loves me and thats all that matters in the end! We actually just had our 5 year Anniversory! Thanks for all my fans on here. :) And thanks again goldie i love you girl!! Ur the best!

well now u got a taste of what a real good spanking feels like :) hope u enjoyed your spanking!

do you think that he has the right to spank you? if so, why can't you spank him?

Are you sayin men are naturally superior to women?

mdd43 is exactly correct, this is a sexual fetish being couched as domestic discipline. This should not be portrayed as normal or something all men and women want. It is kink period.

And there is nothing wrong with kink, if both people are on board. But to label it as discipline . . . I really ned to get off this page before I say something really inflammatory.

Layne you are simply awesome!

i see you comment on all of these stories and idk y if u think its wrong, dont read these

Let's be honest here. If you're really turned on by spanking, than be up front about it--don't couch it as "domestic discipline." And the idea of "maintenance" spankings--how does that help her to "behave" better if you are going to hit her anyway, no matter what she does? Maintenance spankings are just another excuse for the husband and wife to indulge in their (hopefuly mutual) fetish. What really gets me about these relationships is that there is no accountability by the man if HE does something wrong. He never has the threat of physical punishment over his ***. The woman has no power and therefore no respect.

I am fuzzy on the whole "misbehavior" thing. What on earth is misbehavior? And what gives the husband the right to decide what is and is not acceptable? OK . . . settle down, Layne. Settle down . . .

What gives the boss at work the right to decide? Did everyone take tests and he/ she had the highest apptude? No, they take RESPONSABILITY for the relationship. What a few of you in the thread do not get (and that is fine if you are really curious, but it seems you are just trolling) is that this really only works if the HoH really steps up and has their partners best intrest at heart. They will be loving and help shape their partner into a better person and to do that they themselves have to become better people.

Hello, just thought I would chime in. I live a very traditional role in my relationship. My husband spanks me, I obey him, etc, etc. etc. Some relationships like this can be very healthy. I know it may be difficult to understand, but in some cases like mine the woman, or submissive actually holds quite a bit of power. This was something I asked for, my husband would never do anything that was truly against my will. We all have limits, he respects mine as I respect him. In fact we have more respect for each other than most couples I see. He is a worthy leader in my eyes, and if he was not, he would no longer hold this place of honor in my heart. The man in this type of relationship has so many responsibilities to live up to. -And he is held acountable for his actions. If you are curious and would like to know more, please feel free to contact me at anytime. No, I'm not trying to recruit more to this type of lifestyle, lol. Just a firm believer that it takes all types of people to make this world go around, we all have something to learn from one another. I would be happy to answer any questions, with the respect those questions deserve. Have a great day!

Its taken me a very long time to come to this DD lifestyle for us. I think I have really wanted to spank my wife since the start of our relationship over 30 yrs ago, but was too timid, not knowing anything about it, & feeling it was like abuse. To make matters worse, my wife has been severely mistreated as a child growing up, so for that reason alone I was very reluctant to instigate it, even though I knew I had this sort of dormant, suppressed in me. With the passage of time, the desperate need for something to help me ground her & let her see how much I loved her, & with the reading I did with books & on the internet, I mustered up the necessary courage to get started. I think I'll die of old age before I stop spanking her!

I had no idea about DD until I stumbled upon a Web Site..an international Web Site..<br />
I watched videos of Christopher and Ella..I learned about relationships and met this awsome<br />
guy on line,from Indiana,,and a major contributor to articles commented positively on my profile..yes there is a wonderful life for whom ever follows DD..I am a Bratt..I have always been a bratt.<br />
The research took me a year and I am still reading and searching...It is possible to have a <br />
nurturing and loving and committed DD relationship.

I think if a wife is not listening to her husband than a good over the knee spanking is in order. My husband pulls me over his knee, pulls my panties down and on most occasions uses just his hand. Some of the time he does use a paddle that we have both agreed on as the form of discipline for that particular time. My bare bottom is warmed up sufficiently, I am kept over his knee until I apologize for my behaviour, promise to change and then I am permitted up. When the paddle is used I know he means business and that that particular discipline is well deserved. The use of the paddle does not happen a lot but I do get maintenance spankings to help keep me in line. Then I am over his knee with a bare bottom and he uses his very strong hands to warm me up.

If it were a question of a wife obeying her husband and a husband chastising his wife then so far there does not seem to be anything wrong with that. But some other stuff that I saw at the website for "Taken in Hand" looks rather fishy to me.

I am not sure what a taken in hand relationship entails but I do know my boyfriend was very upfront that he needs to be the dominant figure and I agreed. I feel that "someone" needs to be "in charge" and though we discuss everything and I offer my opinion he makes the final decision and I have to accept it. If I give him a hard time and keep trying to get my way he will give me a warning to stop or he'll give me a licking. If I keep it going, he will then bare my bottom, place me over his knee and teach me a lesson. His punishments hurt for sure but each time I feel a strange sense of relief and a respect for him and his ability to make very good decisions for both our wellbeings. I understand that this doesn't work for everyone but it works great for us and we are very close and loving to each other..

I read the 2 half of what you wrote did not even noticed the first half what you wrote. I am using my iPod so my screens really small... Anyways there I go rambling again.... I bet that was really really hard seeing your husband cry... I could not imagine sense I have only seen my hubby cry a handful of times.... I bet after that night the closeness you 2 felt was untouchable!! One Maintence spanking my hubby gave me a few days hurt soooo bad but I had this wall mentally blocking me to cry... I guess I am scared to let myself cry infront of him for these sessions.... I really want to whole heartily let myself go, but I guess I am just not there yet, but I also have not gotten a P/S yet so I dunno... But I better go finished folding the laundry before my hubby comes home!.... And again thank you so much for sharing your very personal life with me... -Anna-Aka Shb

Omg girllllll..... I would have died with embarrassment if my hubby did that to me in front of my friends even if they did know about our LDD Marriage. Was he half joking or be dead serious?.... Anyways we have 3 children. My oldest just turned 5 and I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old!!! My hubby and have been getting along soooooo awesome sense we started our DD a week ago!!!! You are my first friend who does DD ... And I am glad I found you.. Incase I ever need advice! I have not told anyone yet about our new and better way of living... My husband has told his 2 very bestfriends but that is all I would allow him to tell because I am just not sure how people will take it! Sorry if I am al over the place all 3 of my kids are jumping on the bed and I am having a hard time concentrating .

Ya... I have not gotten a punishment spanking yet thanks goodness... But I am still curious about it but Iam not going to try to get one either!.... What went in your mind when he actually took you in hand ? What was your feelings u were feeling at the time? Did he make you wait to get a punishment spank or did he just do it right when you caused the offense ??

Hello again. I am going to answer your questions to the absolute best of my ability. The first spanking I ever received that brought me to tears, had us both crying. It was difficult for both of us. But I know it does hurt him more than it hurts me. It took him quite a long time to get over the fact he was "hurting" me. But when he saw real changes in my behavior and real changes in how I present myself in a disagreement, his tune changed. It is such a learning process and we are still learning along the way. <br />
<br />
The next question about wether or not I get spanked on the spot or at night, I get my spankings at night. We have two small children and I have to wait for them to go to bed. He never spanks me infront of them. But if I screw up while they are gone away, I get spanked as soon as possible. Some of our friends know about my situation and most everybody else doesn't. But infront of those that do know, he has threatened me with a spanking. And one time he took the paddle with him to a friends house, pulled it out infront of them, looked at me, and said behave. Then put the paddle back in the van.

Ya... I have not gotten a punishment spanking yet thanks goodness... But I am still curious about it but Iam not going to try to get one either!.... What went in your mind when he actually took you in hand ? What was your feelings u were feeling at the time? Did he make you wait to get a punishment spank or did he just do it right when you caused the offense ??

The begining of our taken in hand marriage curiosity got the best of me as well. I would brat myself into a spanking just to see if he would do it. The first time he made me cry was the last time i bratted him. That was almost two years ago. Now I know he means business. And I take them very seriously.