My Hero

At my work place, all the ladies -most of them are divorced mature women- are "in love" with my hubby.
They adore how he is constantly checking on me, his respectful and loving ways, his support with the children, how he takes care of everything...
Last week I had a stomach ache, so it was lunchtime and I didn't risk to eat my regular menu.
He called me and I told him I wasn't eating anything. 20 minutes later he was at my work. He brought me medicines and a special diet menu, cooked by himself... This meant he skipped his own lunchtime.
He is some kind of hero now!
They would never believe I am a "spanked wife" lol
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6 Responses Jul 22, 2012

and thy would not belive you want it that way that your happy that HE is that way

To me that is what a proper HOH should do.

I love the reinforcment that he is strong FOR you not just to you. It is for your benfit (disiplne and training included).

How sweet! You are lucky to have each other!

Maybe sometime you ought to tell them you're a D / S couple and challenge their misconceptions.

That was really sweet of him. Kudos to him.... and to you for snagging such a great man ;-)