People Are So Scared Of What They Dont Understand...

My husband and I have been in a dd relationship for almost 10 years now...and I will tell you well be together till one of us passes and I am very confident of that fact...wanna know why? Because com husbands are happy husbands, they don't ask for anything unreasonable and they are so wrapped up in their wives they don't even think of other women. A man that has complete control of his home is a faithful, loving, gentle, loyal man. He knows when he comes home, his every need is taken care of, that all he has to do to get his wife to behave is a look or adjust his belt. And sub women know that they have a man that holds her on the highest of pedestals, she is treated as a rare gem, all of her emotional needs met, she is cared for in a way that only the happiest of women understand, and every once in a while when needed we are punished and as such cleanse our souls....I have the perfect marriage, sore behind and all
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Your Title reminds me of a great line in the song Colors of the Wind which says "You think that people who are people are people who look and think like you but if you walk in the footsteps of a stranger you learn the things you never knew, you never knew".

So dam beautiful feeling.

sore behind at all - too cute.

yeah somehow I thought thats what I was getting when I became a homemaker - hmmm not quite. but so happy that you do.

lovely and cute.