I Think Some Of You Women Want To Role Play, I Assure You There Is A Difference...

My daddy (nick) and I have been together for 9 years, practicing our d/d lifestyle for all 9 of those years, and i just last year decided (after asking daddy of course) if i could write about it on ep, which he allowed only if he could read what i had written beofre publishing it on the site. I donto know how many women have said to me, oh i wish my husband would spank me, or ohh that sounds like so much fun, this is of course where i have an issue, kinky owmen like hearing there man talk dirty, playfully smack your *** while in bed together, submissive women, have no choice about what they like, only that we have given our daddys complete control and at any time, he may bend you over and whip your ***, (usually for a good reason) but there are days that i literally cry before he even comes in the door because i know that i am getting spanked, i know when he walks in that door, off comes the belt and he is not forgiving, when i am a brat and speak disrespectfully to him, or embarass our family, he will no tolerate these things, we actually have a rule book so to speak and i know what to expect from daddy if i break those rules, let me tell yougirls the first tiem your daddy is holding you down so you cannot move and proceeds to light your *** up with the belt well past "fun" you will change your mind, there is a big difference beetween having a fantasy and having a lifestyle, women like myself get spanked somtimes when we really just dont want to, and there is no sex after this, these are punishments, given to us as a reminder to correct our bahavior, im not saying its an awful way to live, i am just saying please know the difference, sure its nice for someone to playfully spank your *** in bed, but take yourself out of the bedroom, grab your ankles and let your husband spank you with a belt 10 or 15 times, trust me ladies it loses its novelty, it hurts, it hurts bad actually, but if you are seriosuly dedicated tothe lifestyle you learn to accept your punishments as a real daddy doesnt punish you just because he does it to correctyour behavior and give you an outlet to repent kind of, i know it cleansesmy soul, anyway the point of my rant is before you go signing up for this lifestyle you better make certain you knwo which side of the fence you are on, or you could find yourself grabbing your ankles, and crying with no wimpy husband to hear your cries, atleast in my house there is no sympathy, and if i beg him to stop its worse....be careful what you wish for ladies....just friendly advice...
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There are different levels to this kind of relationship, my husband has never told me to grab my ankles whilst he whips me with his belt straight off, I have always had a level of control because we discuss what the boundaries are and what discipline to expect for those infractions. I think if a woman absolutely has no choice and stays through fear, then it is likely it's abuse and not DD, even as a submissive, you still have the choice not to submit so the power ultimately lays with you.

Patriarchy is central to civilisation. Men have the right to punish us whether we like it or not.

I think the advice should be, know yourself and what makes you happy. Wanting a DD-type lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean a person wants to give up all control, or will accept any "Daddy" or "HOH" no matter how they treat them. People get in bad relationships for all kinds of reasons. Find a good relationship, and you won't get trapped into anything you find you don't want, or have to worry about your partner giving you anything you can't handle.

Nice comment, I agree!

I don't lie to myself or my husband. I do have a fascination with spankings. When he spanks me, the after effects are evident... But yes, there have been plenty of times when I would have given up everything to get out of a punishment. Those words "be careful what you wish for..." can't never be better applied than to this lifestyle.

I mostly agree with this. wanting kinky sex and having taken in hand isn't the same thing at all.

I disagree about submissive women NOT having control. being a slave and being submissive isn't the same thing. you can talk about it or write a contract writing boukndaries down, writing down hard limits, places where you don't mind giving up moderate control and others where you have more control.

its different for everybody