The Only Women I Could Beat The **** Out Of..................

Interesting title huh> For some of you, this story is not going to be what you expected, its nto even a story really, i like to think of it as a statement. This is a conversation beetween myself and another member of ep.

youneeda said:
hey skeater: 'silencedshy' and I shared 2 funny one liners. There's nothing to get excited about! My answer to you is :because this is a forum for discussion. That's WHY, and that's all.
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skeater5685 - 26-30 years old - male

Reply by skeater5685 Jan 22nd, 2013 at 7:59PM
hey youneeda, I am always going to defend what society lables "sub women" because these women think much differently than what you call "modern women", and people are always attacking their lifestyle choices, and things they say and do, because they misunderstand them. I get its a forum for discussion but more often than not, people who dont practice our lifestyle dont want a discussion they want to make rude remarks, or degrade them. So while you may not see the need for my comments, I absolutely do.

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youneeda - 51-55 years old - male

Reply by youneeda Jan 22nd, 2013 at 9:36PM
sure ,keep beating them, and have fun. maybe it's a regional thing.

here we go again, yet another presumptuous women labeling me a woman beater, because I spank my wife, which she has asked me to do and consented every single time. So now, this beautiful closeness my wife and i have is out of fear because i beat the **** out of her. You know while my wife expressed to me what comes along with writing on these subjects due to people harassing other peoples lifestyle choices, i really didn't think it got this bad.

Nothing i say will change this persons mind, but in case anyone is in doubt, I am not a woman beater, I touch my wifes *** occasionally, she and i both love our life, our lifestyle, our marriage, our closeness, our bond, and if spanking my wife is what makes us stay together till death do us part, im willing ot do whatever it takes, why not spank her?

I am posting this on a couple different groups so people know the only women i can see myself beating the **** out of are the ones that insult my wife calling her "spineless" and "brainwashed" just to name a few of the insulting names. Not only do they attack these women on their own turf, but do so with such hatred. So actually i cant say i would never beat a women, what i meant to say was, my wife would not be that women, the feminists that call me a woman beater, and call me nasty names, those women, well i consider them men since they think they are so much better than us, i figure that means they fight like men to so...........
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I wrote a response on the page (I guess you deleted the post?). But in a nutshell. Thank you so very much. Your wife is a lucky lady! I appreciate what you have written here and for sticking up with for us last night along with my husband.

Skeater, I understand you and your wife being upset. I used to feel pretty much the same. I am not really against feminism. I don't think feminists are all the same. Maybe it's because my husband, being quite dominant himself, has always supported women's rights and we started talking about this some time ago.
I believe some men here are extremists, same as some feminist are. I try to avoid them both. The reason is that they seem to want to force their beliefs to others.
I am happy to live like this but I don't believe it's the answer to everybody. Some women would be miserable in my shoes and I respect that.
Anyway, don't let them upset you. They just can't understand diversity that's all.

Thank you for this post. It is unfortunate you and your wife have had to endure this type of treatment here or elsewhere.

Personally I find it ironic the women who call themselves feminist for "standing up for a woman's right to make choices" are the same ones passing judgement on the women who freely choose to live a lifestyle the feminists don't agree with.

Please know the feminist group have attacked more than only you or your wife. Most of the time ignoring them or pointing out the irony of their judgements works well in your defense.