S.c.u.m. Con Tickets Available

(sorry for poor quality my scanner isn't loving the slick finish on my golden ticket)

Just got my ticket to SCUMCon 2012!!!!

The brochure has me so excited, tons of new patterns and the recipes look delicious! I am most excited though for the prizes ... I've entered my secret weapon into the clean sweeps contest !
Vivagalore Vivagalore
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I'm went too. They had seminars on how to create your own patterns to sew from; knitting 101; how to effectively darn your husband's socks when they get a hole in them; how to crochet slippers with rubber bottoms; and how to make creative dish towels. WOOHOO - It was great!!!

wow! I'm jealous!

Yeah the sewing circle uniting moms convention is soo fun! They have cooking classes and all kinds of stuff not just sewing ...

It's nice to have civilised get-togethers that are of no interest to men! They can be SO uncouth when they join these things. I'd like to see men banned from them altogether (unless we want a quilting frame fixing up for us, eh? heh heh)

Indeed ! I mean all the sewing patterns are for lingere so why they want to be at this convention beats me...plus it is strange to see them in aprons ...

Hey I've just had a simply wizard idea! We ought to design aprons with cod-pieces - so that guys can wear them and not feel emasculated


For what it's worth, working at a pizza place, all the instore dudes wear aprons, and ***** if they're not available (the frankenflour gets everywhere). I forget about the aprons when messing with dough, so I occasionally look like I've been flourbombed.

Antiques arent all bad but being one is!

My hubby wanted to go so he could attend the knitting 101 seminar with me. He said he wanted to learn how to knit sweaters for our children. BOOOO!! I wish he would just stay home and mow the lawn, drink beer, and watch basketball games instead of wanting to do those kinds of things with me. When are men going to recognize that we feminazis absolutely don't want them to attend seminars with us that will teach us how to do "women's work" better? What they heck is wrong with them? Chauvinist pigs.

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