I Guess I Have To Add One Here

I am a woman of mature years,I have worked in 13 countries in my long career.
RESPECT and i put that in caps for a reason- this is the root of success with people of any country-at least in those i worked.
I am an american living in mexico -but that is not the point- the point is if you are the foreigner- blend in as best you can-they will not change -you must- and trust me in this with my 30 years experience i have NEVER had issues in th countries i worked in- yes of course bad emplyeees-but overall no issues worth writing volumes about I teach i train I respect cultures and local practices-and for all of you that travel you should already know this-if you dont -get over it and learn.

pantylady pantylady
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

You are right, of course, respect and courtesy are the essential ingredients to a life of peaceful co-existence.