Poor Homeless Guy

At my job when something is about to expire: we scan it out of the system with this machine, then throw it in the trash! Latley we have been having this homeless guy sitting outside of the building. This guy was a human, very sweet, and in his 20's. We all have talked to him, he dose'nt ask for money and he chooses to stay infront of our place because we are nice. So one day i was about to throw some expired sandwich meat in the trash then realized it was good for 4 more days. I went to my manager(the most god_loving one) and asked him could we give it to the homeless guy out front. He answered with a strong "No"……… i was speechless. Im thinking is this the same guy who is always pushing his religon on me o_0? Then he continued to say "its stealing" …… *o_0* and so i said how will the 'boss man' know? Do he have a camera in the trash to see? He responded "no, and give it here i will throw it away myself". I gave him this disgusting look and walked out of the office.
PleaseBeFree PleaseBeFree
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2013