It Almost Made Me Stop Being A Good Person.

Last year was my first year of college. It was the second semester and the last REAL week of school. It was around April 28th, and a friend and I were outside just talking at around 3 in the morning. A group of girls in all black were coming up the hill (looking pretty suspicious...) and upon further inspection, it was the same group of girls who had caused me and my best friend many ISSUES at the beginning of the year. My friend and I hid ourselves from the girls to check out what they were doing. They went inside my residence hall, and about 20 minutes later, a girl runs outside FURIOUS screaming that a group of girls had just cornered her in the bathroom and jumped her.
Next thing we know, campus police is pulling up in MOBS and she's telling her side of the story to the cops in a FRENZY. ME, being the good person that I am who had just witnessed the entire episode, decided to go talk to the police with my friend to confirm the girl's story. The police took down our reports and took the girl with them to the police station. By this time, the group of girls had fled the scene.
The next night, this same group of girls cornered me outside of my dorm room door while I was on the phone with my best friend, and they asked me if it was him I was talking to. I said yes and pushed passed them. Once I got outside, I called the campus police because I knew they were going to try something when they found us outside for "witnessing and giving a report".

To make a long story short, when the police arrived, they took us ALL down to the station so we could talk out what happened the previous night. Turns out, the girls didn't attack that other girl, she had tried to hit one of them first and ran out making it SEEM like they beat her up. Once we resolved everything, the police took us back to campus and the girls decided to apologize to me and my best friend for "attacking us".

The next day, this same group of girls who had been accused of jumping on this girl come to me with their phones in hand showing me something posted on twitter that the SAME GIRL WHO I HAD TRIED TO TAKE UP FOR posted about me. She posted a picture on twitter bashing me for something I had on. Then I thought to myself, "That will be the LAST time I ever try to help anybody else on this campus."

First she lied, then she bashes me on twitter after I tried to help her. See, you NEVER know who will come to your rescue when you need them. Watch what you say and who you mistreat. It could bite you in the butt later.
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That's rough, but you shouldn't let this discourage you from helping people. Just think about if she really was in trouble. Even though some people are simply awful, you can make a difference to the many who aren't. It's something that I struggle with as well and it's somewhat easy to forget, but please remember that there are many good people out there just like yourself who are truly good and who don't have someone to stand up for them.